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The Exchange

When you have a lot of friends who like to cook, there’s a fair chance that they’ll know how to make something that you don’t. If you play your cards right, they might even be willing to show you how … Continue reading

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Benchmark Pasta.

I didn’t know this, but apparently I judge all other pastas Kate makes by one single dish. I honestly had no idea I was doing this, but of course, Kate picks up on these things. She said she was tired … Continue reading

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Black Cat Approved Pasta

Last night was another of those nights that we are lucky Kate plans ahead for her meals. I was late getting home since the weatherman neglected to tell me it was going to rain all evening, and I had biked … Continue reading

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A Good Problem

I have increasingly become aware of a developing problem related to this blog. It’s not a real problem, mind you. Actually it’s more of an issue. To be honest, it might actually just be my vocabulary. Or the fact that … Continue reading

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Benvenuti a Lincoln Square

Lincoln Square, in Chicago, has a lot of great restaurants. The square features some of our favorite regular haunts, like The Daily Bar & Grill- home of Kate’s favorite drink, the sno-cone, as well as Tank Sushi, Essence of India, … Continue reading

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The Art of Slow Food

This weekend was the ultimate Slow Food weekend for Kate and I. And I don’t mean that everything we had was slow to be prepared. For anyone who isn’t versed in the Slow Food movement, you can get a primer … Continue reading

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Right in the Noodle

Today I saw my life flash before my eyes. Okay, not really. Just my lunch. I was going about the normal routine of grabbing my lunch from the refrigerator in my cube, and going to the kitchen to heat it … Continue reading

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