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To Sauce, Or Not To Sauce

I wasn’t particularly excited about last night’s meal. We’d actually had it once before, and it didn’t really impress me as something I’d like to eat that often. The original dish was lentils, arugula, feta, and squash. All of those … Continue reading

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Fall Is Here

First of all, if you’ve visited my blog before, you’ve probably noticed a lack of posts lately. Sorry about that. My poor discipline as a blogger and less than stellar time management skills are showing. But I am determined not … Continue reading

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Totally Taco Tuesday

I love black beans. I noticed a bowl of them soaking on the counter when I left for work yesterday morning. And when I got home, I was greeted on the stairs leading up to our condo by the smell … Continue reading

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Popeye’s Repast

Poor Popeye the Sailor Man. He’ll probably go down in history as the biggest proponent of eating spinach ever, and yet he always had to eat his from a can. For such a dedicated spinach eater, he never appeared to … Continue reading

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