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Tangled Up In Blue

If you haven’t noticed, I love heirloom vegetables. And almost as much for the appearance as for the taste. I really cannot resist what would be an otherwise tame vegetable if it has a unique appearance. White eggplant? YES! Cranberry … Continue reading

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Fall Is Here

First of all, if you’ve visited my blog before, you’ve probably noticed a lack of posts lately. Sorry about that. My poor discipline as a blogger and less than stellar time management skills are showing. But I am determined not … Continue reading

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Black Cat Approved Pasta

Last night was another of those nights that we are lucky Kate plans ahead for her meals. I was late getting home since the weatherman neglected to tell me it was going to rain all evening, and I had biked … Continue reading

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Thanks For Coming Out

“Thanks for coming out,” our waitress said when she came up to the table after we’d been seated. No problem, I thought, but how on earth can you tell we’re from the city? Her greeting was strangely apropos given our … Continue reading

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