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The Cost of Fresh Pasta, or An Ode to the Pasta Maker

I don’t have many jobs in the kitchen. My main chores involve grating cheese and cleaning up after Kate uses every dish in the house on Sunday evenings making our food for the week. Occasionally I’m trusted with bigger jobs, … Continue reading

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Tangled Up In Blue

If you haven’t noticed, I love heirloom vegetables. And almost as much for the appearance as for the taste. I really cannot resist what would be an otherwise tame vegetable if it has a unique appearance. White eggplant? YES! Cranberry … Continue reading

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Slices of Fall

It’s been unseasonably warm for the last week or so. For a fall in Chicago, it’s been one of the more glorious that I can recall. The leaves are changing, and beginning to leave bare branches on the trees on … Continue reading

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Benchmark Pasta.

I didn’t know this, but apparently I judge all other pastas Kate makes by one single dish. I honestly had no idea I was doing this, but of course, Kate picks up on these things. She said she was tired … Continue reading

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Black Cat Approved Pasta

Last night was another of those nights that we are lucky Kate plans ahead for her meals. I was late getting home since the weatherman neglected to tell me it was going to rain all evening, and I had biked … Continue reading

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A Good Problem

I have increasingly become aware of a developing problem related to this blog. It’s not a real problem, mind you. Actually it’s more of an issue. To be honest, it might actually just be my vocabulary. Or the fact that … Continue reading

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Thanks For Coming Out

“Thanks for coming out,” our waitress said when she came up to the table after we’d been seated. No problem, I thought, but how on earth can you tell we’re from the city? Her greeting was strangely apropos given our … Continue reading

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