The Lonely Can Opener

It occurred to me this morning that since Kate went on her cooking from scratch tear several years ago, we have kitchen implements that just don’t get the attention they once did. As I opened my souvenir from Kate’s trip to Louisiana- a can of Cafe Du Monde coffee, I realized this was probably the second time in six months that I’d used a can opener for anything. Which I find kind of amazing. When I did the majority of our cooking before Kate’s culinary epiphany, I made a lot of things that came out of cans. Which isn’t bad, necessarily, but things have really improved for us in the fresh food department. Even if we aren’t able to get fresh farm produce year round here in the Midwest, we still get 99% of our food these days from the produce section of the grocery store, rather than the many aisles of boxed and canned goods. Kate even generally uses dried beans these days rather than canned, having learned the intricacies of turning hard rock-like beans into edible fare. So I apologize to you, lonely can opener. I do promise to use you once in a while. Also, thanks for opening my coffee. It really is delicious. Mmm, chicory.

And speaking of food that doesn’t come from cans, we’re getting ready to go pick up our third farm box from the new CSA we signed up for this year, which as so far been excellent. Angelic Organics has been doing an excellent job keeping us abreast of what is happening on the farm that our produce is coming from, and with providing us with tasty fresh vegetables. One of my favorite things is their website and facebook page, where we can actually see pictures of the fields our food is growing in, and the people who are doing it for us. For a city dweller, it’s pretty neat to have such a direct connection to the food we are eating. I even managed to use some of the roughage from the last farm box myself when Kate was away working.

Actually, my secret is that I really don’t mind when Kate gives me free reign to do what I want with our kale, when we get it in the farm box. I could eat the stuff by the pound, and do. I can eat it in pretty much any form, but I know a lot of people for whom this isn’t really a favorite. Kate makes really excellent kale chips which usually get strange faces from people I offer them to. I don’t know what it is, but I could eat them all day. Baked with a little oil and salt- magnifique! But this last week, I had an entire bunch to myself. And the great thing about kale is that you really don’t need to do much to it to make it edible. It’s the perfect greenery for someone who likes good vegetables, but lacks the drive to really go to town with a fancy recipe. My favorite kale preparation is simply wilted kale with olive oil, soy sauce, and garlic. This time I went a little exotic and even made a sauce for it of soy sauce, mustard, rice vinegar and sambal. I poured it over the kale when it was just about done cooking and let it thicken up in the pan before eating. I only wish I’d had more kale, because it was really only enough for one meal, and I didn’t have enough for leftovers for lunch. Maybe I should have made it as a side dish to something else, but then it wouldn’t have been the simple meal I’d intended it to be.

I am looking forward, though, to this next week. We have some beets already, and more coming in this week’s box. Plus, Kate is home and itching to do some cooking since she’s been away eating on the road, and is ready for some home cooked food. I anticipate a highly satisfying week of food ahead.

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One Response to The Lonely Can Opener

  1. Tammy says:

    Kale is sort of the new black here. We eat a lot of it raw with avocados and smoked salmon and almonds.

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