Heirlooms ‘n Ears

You say tomato, I say heirloom. So let’s not call the whole thing off. Instead, lets have some tomatoes. If you’re in the market, heirlooms really are the only way to really eat tomatoes. Genetically manipulated tomato-like products are mere pretenders to the name. If you like tomatoes, do yourself a favor and convey yourself to your local farmer’s market and buy some heirlooms. There are multitudes of really interestingly named tomato breeds. And while I’m sure a more practiced palate would be able to tell you how they all differ, I’m just here to tell you to eat them. It doesn’t matter how. In fact, if you’ve found some good tomatoes, it’s almost better not to do much of anything with them. Slice them up, stick them on a plate, and enjoy. Or heck, eat them like an apple. They’re fruit after all.

When Kate suggested what she was making for dinner last night, I admit at first I thought it wasn’t going to be enough. With all of the running and biking I’ve been doing lately, I feel as though I’m ravenous pretty much all the time. Especially at dinnertime, my hunger has my eyes growing to about five times the size of my stomach. The alternative, though, was to either order something instead, or have Kate switch up the nights for dinner and make something bigger. But the truth is, I was tired, and I knew Kate was too, and I didn’t really want to expend too much effort on dinner. I figured if I didn’t get enough to eat, I could always make some popcorn or something later on.

It turns out, I needn’t have worried. I had plenty to eat. And owing to the fact that we were eating corn and tomatoes, there was hardly any preparation time needed. We got about 6 ears of corn in our CSA box yesterday, and we just threw them on the grill in the husks to cook. What I love most about cooking corn on the grill like this is that when you go to shuck the corn to eat it, the husk has a particular smell. It’s a little like corn, but also something else I can’t quite put my finger on it. I guess it just smells like grilled corn husk. Or maybe it reminds me of the smell of steaming tamales. Either way, I just love the smell. And there really is no easier way to cook corn. You just put it on the grill, rotate it to get all the sides, and take it off when it’s good and hot.  Roll it in some butter and maybe put some salt over that and it’s perfect. I’m not ashamed to say I ate four of the six ears, leaving two for Kate.

The other half of our meal was the heirloom tomatoes. Kate cut them up, removing the bad spots from the outside, and then served them on a plate with some mozzarella and fresh basil. I’m not sure I can adequately describe how good it is to bite into a fresh real tomato. It’s juicy, and the tomato flavor explodes in your mouth. I have no idea what the varieties we were eating were called- there were a few mostly red ones, some orange ones, and then some that were a sort of red and green mix. All of them were good, but I think the orange ones were my favorite. They seemed to have more pulp and less water inside of them, and the flavor was just awesome. There really can’t be any better way to enjoy a real tomato than by just cutting it up and eating it like that. It’s almost like eating candy.

I really was full by the end of dinner. And I didn’t even need to have a snack later either. Though I did finish the evening with a healthy pour of Jefferson’s Reserve bourbon. Not because I was hungry though. Just thirsty for some whiskey.

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4 Responses to Heirlooms ‘n Ears

  1. Dave Belden says:

    This was all about getting to the bourbon part, right? Hey, nice header, too… I haven’t visited the actual site in awhile so I hadn’t seen that.

  2. MT says:

    I think the tomato pic might be your best yet. Kate was right, a camera really does make everything better.

  3. Chuck says:

    One of these days I’ll have to do a post about bourbon. And thanks re: the pictures. Yeah, the camera definitely makes a difference. Though it means it takes longer to eat since getting the perfect shot takes some doing. Photographing food is tough.

  4. Sarah says:

    I’m pretty sure my dinner tonight is going to be really similar (if not identical) to this… Delicious!

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