Gelato, I Love You

It was just there when I opened the freezer. I had been thinking that it looked like our tupperware supply was running low. Sometimes that happens, we leave containers at work, or by the work of the mysterious refrigerator monster, they simply disappear. Somewhere, probably another dimension, there are a lot of missing socks and tupperware containers. The refrigerator monster, and the sock stealing laundry monster probably know each other. Maybe they’ve even hatched some kind of plot to store all of our missing socks in tupperware. It must be some kind of conspiracy.

Anyway, one of the containers I thought we were missing turned up in the freezer tonight. I think I’d probably noticed in in there before tonight, but I hadn’t paid it any attention. I pulled it out, and low and behold, there was a post-it affixed to the lid. “Irish Whiskey Gelato” it said. Hmmm, I like whiskey, and I like gelato. How could you possibly go wrong with a combination like that? The answer is, I don’t think you could. Though of course the mystery of how you turn a liquor into a frozen treat totally baffles me. I mean, isn’t liquor supposed to be unfreezable in conventional freezers? I know we’ve had vodka in our freezer before for ages and it never froze.

I guess some deserts defy explanation. Or you just stop asking for one the moment you taste them. Who cares how it works, when it is that good. I didn’t think I’d be rewarded by my search for desert by something so wonderful just nestled in our freezer amongst the coffee and random frozen vegetables. After all, we’d been gone for a week, and haven’t done that much cooking since we’ve been home. But there it was, calling out to me. I brought it out to the living room, along with a generous pour of (ri)1, which has been one of my favorite whiskeys of late, and waited for the gelato to soften a bit.

And oh, how I chose perfectly. First of all, Ben and Jerry have nothing on Nicole, who conjured up this particular delicious dessert. I’m by no means a connoisseur of frozen milk desserts, but I have had a fair amount of the aforementioned Vermonters’ delicacies, as well as some really great local gelatos (including my favorite until now- maple & bacon). This stuff could definitely go the distance against anything I’ve had in the ice cream department before. Basically it tasted like a less creamy version of a Bailey’s Irish Cream in gelato form. And actually the less creamy part was great. I like Irish Cream, but sometimes the cream part overwhelms the whiskey part. This gelato, though, was perfectly balanced. It was just the right amount of creamy, and the flavor of whiskey really came through well. The only thing that could have made it better would been to have chosen a hotter day to eat it.

Even Kate liked the gelato, despite her usual distaste for anything in the realm of creamy deserts. She didn’t eat much, but she did take a bite, and agreed it was awesome. And she mentioned that Nicole probably made it with the ice cream attachment for her kitchenaid mixer. Apparently Kate also wants one of these, and has been dropping hints about it for a while now. Somehow my selective hearing seems to have tuned out her hints though, because I honestly can’t recall her having made them. And usually I’m not completely thick when it comes to Kate’s hint dropping. I will say, though, that having seen what one can do with that particular attachment, I think Kate will be receiving one sooner rather than later. And right after that I’m going to have to bribe Nicole for the recipe for irish whiskey gelato. Because there’s only a little bit left, and I’ll probably eat that tonight. And I must have more.

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3 Responses to Gelato, I Love You

  1. stellafey says:

    Oh my goodness … run don’t walk to the store and buy Kate that attachment! And then invite us over for gelato. Stat! :) Thanks for a great post, Chuck! L

  2. Chuck says:

    I have to read these better when I’m done writing. Just found almost an entire sentence I repeated. D’oh. And L, I agree, we need to do that right away!

  3. cole says:

    No need to bribe, friend. I’ll gladly share the recipe…actually, I’ll gladly share the name of the book the recipe comes from. Because what’s an ice cream attachment without a book of cold treat recipes? Just sayin’.

    irish whiskey recipe: The CIAO BELLA Book of Gelato & Sorbetto by Pearce & Zecchin
    other yummy recipes: The Perfect Scoop by Lebovitz

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